C U S T O M E R   A C Q U I S I T I O N  &   D E V E L O P M E N T  




Humans are creatures of habit.

If we accurately measure the human and environmental aspects of the marketplace, and learn to relate our marketing efforts to those aspects with the best outcomes, we can predict the results of marketing action with amazing consistency. Knowing what's possible - how much demand there is and how well we can harvest it - gives practical direction to a strategic plan. 


Of course, the quality of information determines the quality of decisions. The very best statistical intelligence - artificial or brain-driven -  cannot find effective patterns in data that is not relevant, not properly designed or is too big to focus. Our expertise with customer and consumer data is unsurpassed in the analysis of financial services needs, attitudes, and predictions of human behavior. We house and build prospect databases with hundreds of relevant measures, including scores for risk worthiness, long term value, product propensity, profitability potential, next most likely product and many other important measures...about your customers and the best prospective new customers. 

Solid, dependable information can double - or better - your bottom line.

​Good data comes from well-planned experimentation, controlling for media channel, message, pricing, consumer segment, type and frequency of contact, interactions between communications channels, and many other possibilities. With controlled implementation of campaigns and careful measurement of the results they produce, Lazarus translates efficiency to dollars on the bottom line.

Finding statistical patterns in consumer behavior is not a math problem - but a cultural one.

Because each FI operates in it's own unique way - the prospect base, the profitability of their products, cross-sale emphasis, pricing strategy, tactics for acquiring customers, media channels used - custom solutions are the only effective response to the unique environment that your business operates in. Yes, it seems harder than an "off-the-shelf' product that solves the vendors' problem - but not yours. But Lazarus is different than the rest.

Lazarus masters the skill sets that meld into a learning system that changes with the times and the marketplace. Integration of data resources, within and outside the IT silos, with consumer research and national consumer databases...application of creative, modern statistical tools that reveal patterns of profitability, product demand, loyalty and advocacy, long term value, risk of non-payment and other propensities of individual consumers...proper tracking and evaluation that enables smarter, and improved operation in the next campaigns...work together to form a genuine intelligence - and not an artificial one - of the interactions between a FI and the humans they serve.

Let science help.

​Our systems produce optimal Marketing Mix strategies by evaluating the impacts and interactions of multiple channels - digital ads, social networks, TV, direct mail, email, radio, outdoor - on ROI and other measures of success. We increase the useful content of data, from survey measurement of attitudes to Big Data and customer activity, so that marketing action has real effect on a carefully constructed strategy...informed by dependable measurement of What's Possible.

Seasoned knowledge of quality data and proper statistical application start your campaigns with a solid base.