C U S T O M E R   A C Q U I S I T I O N  &   D E V E L O P M E N T  

Our formula for your success:

Your customer activity data 

+ Lazarus' data processing, enhancing & integration with national consumer database and other sources

+ Lazarus' analytically revealed profiles, segments, factors & predictive models...proprietary to you

+ Lazarus' designed performance tracking and campaign management 

+ Lazarus' program evaluation: ROI, Cost per acquisition, profitability, Long Term Value  

= feedback to optimize subsequent campaigns

With quantifiably superior performance and prove out the best ways to achieve it.


it instructs our next moves...if we ask the right questions

Statistical patterns aren't just math...they are cultural 'early warning signs' that tip us off to potential profitability. How they are implemented in the marketplace can amplify or completely misuse their contribution.

We use these patterns to implement the strategy in the marketplace...and that requires designed campaigns that let us determine how and where to fine tune and learn from those experiences.

First, we identify the sources of our errors, and eliminate ineffective aspects of a campaign. It's the most effective way to make research pay: stop doing damaging things. Letting science help increases our chances of seeing the causes of or mistakes.

Science also helps us identify the people who provide our best opportunities, how to best appeal to them, and how much we'll need to spend to acquire them as customers.

This is market research in it's latest incarnation: pragmatic, exacting, demanding of efficiency and effectiveness, while instructing the actions we take to achieve the results we predict.