C U S T O M E R   A C Q U I S I T I O N  &   D E V E L O P M E N T  


Too often, the unintended consequences of our marketing efforts create problems as well as solutions. Evaluation Research brings a disciplined approach to understanding ALL the measured impacts of our communications, our branding, our behaviors toward the people that provide our livelihoods. 

Such a thorough measurement... of the environment, people's attitudes toward us, the effects of what we say and do... is simply harder than many companies want to take on. It's not something that software or machines can do. But the experienced professionals at Lazarus have been applying this discipline in FIs for decades. And you can benefit from that expertise.

The observed, quantified knowledge of change that your marketing brings about is directly useful in planning subsequent campaigns that impact more than just ROI. Public opinion of your brand is critically important in differentiating you from your competition. A purposely diversified customer base can be profitable in more than one way. 

When the facts are revealed, we can make the future better, and not before.


The circular Feedback Loop ​of rollout, analysis, modification and re-rollout enables our constant, informed correction of marketing campaigns, based on the outcomes of our prior efforts. We are then able to control our actions to produce more predictable, more desirable outcomes.

​This is how our brains work, and it's the goal of artificial intelligence algorithms. We deploy actual intelligence with this methodology that mimics learning in our brains...but we make sure that the conclusions we come to are based in valid and reliable data - not to be taken for granted from today's Big Data promises. 

Of equal importance is our recognition that statistical modeling is focused on understanding the cultural patterns that effect our behavior - also not something that machines, or rooms full of foreign statisticians can fully grasp.

The contribution of science does not solve 100% of our problems, but it helps us NAIL DOWN enough of the measurable aspect of our interactions with people to make a tremendous difference in our effectiveness.