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John W. Davis, Managing Director

The Lazarus Group, LLC

507 Pressler Street    Suite 5126 

Austin, TX 78703

Phone:     +1.8318180098

E-mail: [john@lazarusgrp.net] or [davis5g@utexas.edu]

Case studies and sample reports are available upon request.

Since 1982, we've tackled every challenge to the marketing of financial services. Operations, site location, marketing, risk evaluation, advertising, branding, product development...we've been on both sides of the desk, and we know the restraints and opportunities that retail institutions face. 

We also know consumers as psychologists: their attitudes, opinions and how they effect behaviors. We understand how people think about money, risk, security and opportunity. 

When you meet Lazarus, you'll see that the addition of our team to yours also brings...

  • proven expertise 
  • customer data maintenance & consumer prospect databases
  • audit and optimization of data resources
  • market research, testing and evaluation
  • strategic planning, tactical implementation
  • monetizing data resources​
  • mentors, bringing wisdom to the next generation

Our clients include Fortune 100 firms that require updated approaches to data and it's revelations, as well as start ups that require the wisdom and increased speed through the learning curve that only experience can provide.

Lazarus designs and executes custom solutions. Off-the-shelf answers only work for an 'average' company that rarely exists.  Design, implementation and evaluation of our solutions ensures that our processes result in consistent improvement and control over consumer markets.

We've forged trusting, successful relationships with many market leaders, including:

  • Lending: US Bank, The Money Store, Laredo National Bank, BBVA, Imperial Mortgage, Aames Financial, Household Financial, Citibank, others

  • Insurance: Allstate, John Hancock, State Farm, Mutual of Omaha, New York Life, Providian Direct, others

  • Technology: Verizon/GTE, Customer Insights Company, Harte-Hanks, others 

  • Banking & Credit Card: CitiBank, Chase, American Express, Providian, Wells Fargo, US Bank, BBVA & many others

  • CPG: Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Frito-Lay, RJ Reynolds, Hanes, Tropicana, others

  • Data providers: Equifax, Trans Union, Competiscan, Effective Measure, various data collectors and compilers (Big Data, too) market research and consumer panel firms.

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