You Can'T optimize

what you don't measure

rigorous evaluation research specifies the intended and unintended impacts of each media channel campaign in quantified terms - eliminating guess work 

INForm and take Action 

Evaluate and Optimize

Information & analytics   

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 We 'control the controllables' of marketing to optimize response to acquisition efforts: cost of acquisition, cost of a dollar revenue and profitability...minimizing risk and increasing predictability.

Strategic Planning - Data Processing - Predictive Modeling and Segmentation - Evaluation Research 

proof - of accurate performance predictions across varied channels, for specific products, and targeted to specific people - informs sustained improvement

modern data processing and hard-nosed insistence on meaningful data content enables statistical pattern detection that we prove is effective. 


Do you know your costs per acquisition for every marketing channel?

Can you accurately forecast the return of a dollar spent on each channel?

​Are you just going through the motions without insisting on improved performance?

​Let science help!​​

Perfecting Financial Services Marketing since 1982

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